Your Protection on Sterling Silver and Gold Products

Their is a lot of concern in regard to buying sterling silver, precious stone, and gold products from Jewelry stores either brick and mortar or online. I don't blame consumer today for being sektable on these purchases. Product are expense and if giving a gift, well, who wants the embarrassment of the product being found out its fake.

Here is what Providence Silver Company will do to protect your from this happing to you!

1. We buy our precious metals only from trust suppliers we have used for years if not decades. 

2. We spot check every shipment to insure it is the product we specified, what do we do you ask? 

A. A basic inspection checking color, and weight of the product.

B. Next it is check with a 30lb Magnet (Precious metals don't stick or pull when a magnet is applied). 

C. 1 pcs is destroyed from a silver acid test if the above give any doubt.

3. Our return policy is if in thirty (30) day you find out we have made a mistake we will refund your money and pay for shipping back. Some conditions apply, such as,  You have to supply a written result from a verifiable source that the material is not what is represented. You have to have your original proof of purchase include in the return.

I hope this put your faith back into the United states jewelry industry, I keep on listening to my customer request and act accordingly.


Owner of Providence Silver Company

Ron Gincastro